Viennese Christmas Gala

01 decembrie 2011

For 10 years, we celebrate Christmas the unmistakable rhythm of Viennese classical music.

Marks 10 years since we enjoy with the existence of a perfect artistic productions-"Viennese Christmas".

A brand longevity, of note 10, recommended and approved by the public, played by symphony orchestras, conductors and ensembles artistic prestige, appreciated for impeccable interpretations of famous works bearing the signature of the Strauss dynasty. The success of this grand event the public has been proven and demonstrated by nominations / awards won over the years as "The best show of December."

If previous years' Christmas Vienna "Romanians gave outstanding performances by participating artists first class of" Vienna Opera Ballet, "" Johann Strauss Ensemble "," Johann Strauss Gala - Prague Symphony Orchestra "or" Vienna Boys Choir "This year Maria Domina Cultural Association invites you to" GALA - CHRISTMAS Vienna "where you can applaud the more than 100 artists - musicians of the symphony orchestra, a choral group, and ballet, led by Austrian conductor known Gottfried scrappage wand.

Anniversary edition of the event "Viennese Christmas" at the end of this year, organized by Maria Domina Cultural Association, will be celebrated by special guest - Edvin Marton which guarantees the audience a show in his Stradivarius violin fine agreements.

As special guest of the gala, Edvin Marton will spoil us during the two days with the sounds of Strauss arias from repertoire played on genuine divine Stradivarius violin. Worth no more than 4 million, the violin is used with "greed" by the artist, Edvin utlizand a large scale only in concerts held around the world.

Emmy Award winner, Edvin Marton Hall will perform on stage with the European Royal Palace Orchestra under the baton of Austrian Gottfried scrappage, conductor of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. Master violin will "paint" a picture enchanting atmosphere of celebration on the arrangements typical Viennese fine violin music in Bucharest royal offering a unique combination of sophistication, energy and passion. Should be noted that internationally renowned artists such as Seal, Zucchero, Lou Bega, Supertramp and even Gloria Gaynor original musical collaborations backed by Edvin Marton, and how can we forget the famous Russian skater artistic moments with Evgeni Plushenko, who was a delight for audiences worldwide.

"Gala Viennese Christmas" holiday season magical evening in harmony with an impressive repertoire, carefully selected professionals, which will satisfy even the most refined tastes.

To this major musical Royal Palace Hall has expressed interest to be the main partner.