Alessandro Safina – “Insieme a te”

01 martie 2012

With the participation of the National Operetta Theatre Orchestra “Ion Dacian”

National Operetta Theatre “Ion Dacian” presented in March 7 at the Palace Hall, a concert held by Italian tenor Alessandro Safina, along with the National Operetta Theatre Orchestra. “Insieme to you” (“Together with you”) is a show dedicated to Women’s Day “one of the most popular tenors of the world”, as described Alessandro Safina in the Australian Sunday Mail newspaper.

Alessandro Safina has a bright career in the opera world, performing the most prestigious stages in the field. Italian tenor has increased in popularity in early 2000, when he combined classical and pop music to create a new style, hard to classify – “Rock Opera” – as he calls himself. The single “Moon” was stationed when the top charts for 14 weeks. In 2002, recorded with Elton John song “Your Song”, which reached number 5 in the UK charts. Alessandro Safina has worked with numerous international artists including Carlos Santana, Rod Stewart, Miriam Stockley, Sarah Brightman, Jose Carreras and Mario Frangoulis. His concerts are sold out, the audience from every continent are showing the right fascinated by music.

His voice clear, strong and sensual timbre impeccable and impressive ability to make and use voice and instrument are also qualities that have allowed Safina to successfully combine work with genres pop, jazz, blues or rock. “Safina is based on an amazing repertoire of songs that highlight the depth of his emotional passion that is both compelling and exciting,” wrote Jonathan at All Music Guide Widran. Physical appearance often drew comparisons to actor George Clooney, and the magazine “People’s Shops” to include Alessandro Safina in 2002 top 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Concert presented by the National Operetta Theatre “Ion Dacian” is the first in a series of special events. Besides organizing the annual International Festival of Musical Performing Arts “Life is beautiful!” National Operetta Theatre aims to close the public in Romania the most important names in international music scene, while enhancing his own troops artistic potential by facilitating its collaboration with world renowned artists.