National Academic Folk Dance Ensemble “Joc” – iune 26 2012

01 iunie 2012

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF ACADEMIC Dances “GAME” presents a Moldovan musical show involving dance ballet and orchestra.

Artistic director and ballet master-prime Vladimir curvet.

Conductor of the orchestra, George SEVCISIN.

National Art awakens love of nation, the roots of his native land, make the man more than to love language, history, tradition, ancestral habits. Without these elements the national spirit disappears. For when we forget where we came from and do not know where to go ceased to exist as a nation.
Vladimir curvet, artistic director of the National Academic Folk Dance Ensemble “game” in Moldova

Speaking of the prestigious Ensemble “game”, we can say that he recently became a spiritual good of mankind. A concert in Damascus, Cairo, Alexandria, Beirut, Bucharest, Geneva, Zurich, Moscow, Luxembourg, Haaga, Rotterdam, Brussels, Berlin, bombs, Deli, Toronto, Montreal, Santiago, Mexico, Lima, Bogota, Caracas, Budapest, Paris , Rome, Athens, Marseille, Lyon, Nice, Sydney, etc. China.
Worthy assembly “Game” reached the heights of expression, artistic craftsmanship, which allows him to be among the most brilliant situieze collective dances in the world. Founded on August 13, 1945, it included 12 pairs of dancers and 10 musicians. Today the team “game” was working over 90 professional dancers, an orchestra of 20 musicians, composed of a repertoire of dances and folk songs from several areas of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, si.a . Artistic successes of the gifted and talented team is due tireless choreographer Vladimir curvet, People’s Artist, State Laureate, who from 1957 until now is artistic director and ballet master of the first Assembly.
Assembling brilliant stage “suite of dances from the Carpathians”, “Hora orheieni yeomen”, “Calusarii” “Craitele”, “Hora celebration”, “Dragaica”, “Dance of Maramures”, “Gypsy Dance Suite”, “Suite of Dances Russian people “,” Moldavian “,” Wedding “are just some of the pieces de resistance in master Vladimir curvet vision.
Whole “game” has mounted over 80 dances go, give improved over time and constituted 8 concert programs.