Craciun Vienez, Friday, December 21, 2012

29 noiembrie 2012


If previous years' CHRISTMAS Vienna "Romanians gave special performances by participating artists first class, Mary dominate Cultural Association continues the tradition in 2012 with a Christmas concert will be presented for the first time on December 21. Romanians will have the unique opportunity to meet all the famous Christmas festival in the company of musicians - Vienna Strauss Orchestra and Edvin Marton beloved artist, will perform on the Palace Hall in the capital, both as a violinist and conductor.

Edvin Marton's cooperation with the Vienna Strauss Orchestra began in 2009, when he was assigned the role of conductor and first violinist. By joining this group to music Edvin Marton orchestra not only gives nice tone, but prints a strong outline of his own energetic and passionate style. Contribution adds value to performances held on the great stages of the world. By his presence, the show than usual structure of a classical music concert, taking the proportion of exceptional entertainment show, with clear sound and original intrumentaĊ£ie.

In concert with singers and ballet dancers from the Vienna State Opera, Vienna Strauss Orchestra will bring to life the amazing musical compositions of Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the delight fans of the genre even after 180 years.

Emmy Award winner, Edvin Marton will "paint" a picture enchanting atmosphere of celebration on agreements typically Viennese fine Stradivarius violin, featuring music from Bucharest royal fascinating combination of sophistication, energy and passion. We should mention that internationally renowned artists such as Seal, Zucchero, Lou Bega, Supertramp and even Gloria Gaynor had unusual musical collaborations with Edvin Marton, and how can we forget the famous artistic moments with Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko shows up in fascinating for audiences around the world.