Hotel Unique Bucharest hotel launches iPad rooms

15 martie 2012

Through this work we made a big step towards the future hotel room, Hotel Unique Bucharest beeing the first hotel in Romania to spoil their customers this way.

Just because we are unique and always first we created a different type of room especially for business clients who want to feel good, and also work and create, in any time of the day.

Besides great comfort, the client of this room – Executive Business Room – will find, between the equipment of the room, an iPad tablet connected to high speed internet.

And because our attention is given first to the customer, this iPad is set with maximum skills both for working with files of all kinds, but also for recreation containing download games, music, radio and TV programs.

In this type of room – Business Executive Room – the client has all the facilities desired so he will have no need to leave this room: expresso machine with coffee, tea pot, DVD and much more.